Grade 4-5 Interhouse Athletics


After working hard over the athletics units it was now the turn of Grade 4 and 5 to demonstrate all they had learned while representing their houses at the same time. The grade 4’s started on the four field events of high jump, long jump, triple jump and ball throw to test themselves against the olympic ethos of ‘higher, faster, stronger’. The grade 5’s began their day at trackside with races ranging from the 50 metre sprint to the real endurance race of 800 metres. The faces that were on show as everyone crossed the line were testament to the amount of effort that was being put in. Then the two swapped over so that everyone got a try at everything. Whilst the points were being added up the day was finished off by a thrilling set of  4 by 50m relay races.

The competition was a fantastic display of commitment and technique and in the end though the scores were : 1st Tembo, 2nd, Kifaru & Nyati 4th, Mamba – everybody was really a winner.

Click on each photo below for a close up.

Inter-House Competitions!


As part of the extra-curricular program at IST, students regularly take part in Inter-house sporting competitions. All students, teachers and assistants in Grade 3, 4 and 5 are allocated a house, either: Nyati (Red), Tembo (Yellow), Kifaru (Blue) or Mamba (Green).

The focus for these competitions is to foster competitive spirit through participation, teamwork and of course fun. Friday mornings are a frenzy of colour, noise and excitement as teams go head to head in a variety of activities such as Athletics, Soccer, T-Ball, Dodgeball. Each house blasts out their house song to encourage their teammates and competition is fierce but friendly.

Dates for this semester’s events are as follows:

Friday 3rd September – Inter-House Assembly to allocate houses
Friday 17th September – Grade 3 Athletics -Result: 1ST – Mamba, 2nd Kifaru, 3rd Nyati, 4th, Tembo
Friday 24th September – Grade 4 and 5 Athletics – Result: 1ST – Tembo, 2nd Kifaru & Nyati, 4th, Mamba
Friday 12th November – Grade 3 Soccer
Friday 26th November – Grade 4 Soccer
Friday 10th December – Grade 5 Soccer