First Units of the Year

2012-2013 – We’re Underway!!

Our first PE units of the year are underway and the students are busy learning new skills and concepts. Withe the London Olympics taking place, its a great time to motivate our students and focus on top class performance.

Grade 3, 4 and 5 students are taking part in Athletic Activities (sprinting, long distance runs, long jump, high jump, throwing etc) with a focus on personal improvement. The Olympic motto of  “Faster, Higher, Stronger” has been used in our central idea and students will evaluate Olympic performances (using videos from London 2012) to improve their own personal performance.

EC and Kg classes start the year off with a unit about playing games, including some basic gymnastics.

Grade 1 will be practicing large ball skills of throwing, catching, and rolling using these skills in simple games.

Grade 2 students follow a similar unit, but develop their skills with smaller balls.

PE units rotate every five weeks to give the children a wide range of activities throughout the year.

One Response to First Units of the Year

  1. Mr Mac says:

    That sounds like a fantastic concept Mr Neil. I think my favourite was watching the pole vault and the womens heptathalon. They are amazing athletes. I wonder how watching the video might improve my own performance?
    I hope everyone is doing well back in sunny Dar Es Salaam.

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