Weekly video – Football + Capoeira

We are working hard at our football skills during G3-5’s current invasion games unit. But what happens when you combine soccer with Capoeira, the acrobatic martial art from Brazil? Take a look (warning…don’t try this at home).

These young athletes aren’t practicing on groomed grass fields. They’re performing in an inner-city setting on dirt lots, paved streets, rooftops and courtyards. This video shows you that it doesn’t take the best facilities in the world to become the best athletes in the world. It takes work, dedication, constant practice and the obvious passion for one’s sport demonstrated by these athletes.

Also check out some of the amazing skills these guys have. Again, sheer hard work and dedicated practice is the only way to achieve this level of ability.

One Response to Weekly video – Football + Capoeira

  1. Shela says:

    Good blog! Only just found it! Nice to know a bit more about what goes on in school. Kids only say so much! Love the football with capoeria! incredible. There is someone who teaches it at the theatre (not sure about the soccer bit though!)

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